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Dear Colleagues!
You can leave a request to organize an international scientific conference on the basis of your university (or other scientific organization) with the subsequent publication of conference proceedings in a journal indexed in SCOPUS / Web of Science.

The services include:
– development of an English-language conference website
– conclusion of an agreement with a journal indexed in SCOPUS / Web of Science
– collection and review of papers
– translation of papers into English by professional translators
– preparation of papers in accordance with the journal template
– interaction with the authors for signing the License Agreements at the request of the journal
– compiling a complete set of editorial accompanying materials
– financial accounting with a journal.

Scope of the Agreement.
In order to organize the publication of scientific papers in a foreign journal indexed in Scopus bibliographic database (hereinafter referred to as the Conference Journal), the Contractor undertakes to perform the following legal actions on its own behalf and at the expense of the Customer: ⇒⇒⇒


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