Review process

Only papers of original research type performing results of original studies are accepted.

The recommended size of a paper is 8-12 pages. The obligate condition for a scientific paper to submit is the accordance with IMRAD structure.

All papers pass scientific and technical review.

Within the framework of technical review all papers are thoroughly checked for the following attributes:

  • for compliance with the subject of the conference.
  • for plagiarism.
  • for acceptable English language.

At the same time papers are checked by a technical proofreader (quality of images, absence of Cyrillic, etc.).

Scientific review of each paper is made by at least 3 reviewers. If the opinions of the reviewers are radically different, additional reviewers are appointed. Authors have a right to answer the remarks of reviewers and submit revised versions of their papers.

Live participation in the conference is an indispensable condition for the publication of the paper.