How is the publication process going

Step 1

Your paper uploaded to OJS is checked by:
1) Native speaker. Papers translated by Google Translator will be rejected without the right to resubmit.
2) Technical corrector. All images must be clearly legible! All graphs, diagrams, formulas and tables should be editable.
3) Reviewers
If the paper was submitted in Russian, a translator will contact you.

 Step 2

After accepting the paper for publication, you will receive an e-mail with the appropriate notification and the paper layout for the final approval of the paper text before publication. (Preparation of the paper according to the journal template is included in the publication price).
Also, most journals require authors to sign a license agreement. The Consent to Publish and Copyright Agreement will also be sent to you.

 Step 3

After agreeing on the layout and receiving from you a signed License agreement, payment details will be sent to you to pay to the Sberbank account.
If you need an Agreement and acts, they will also be provided to you.