How to come up with a title for a paper

The title of the paper is an extremely important component of the paper.
The title will be stored in bibliographic databases and cited in other papers.

A good title for scientific paper should:
– be no longer than 12 words, including prepositions.
– be clear and understandable, and reflect the content of the paper accurately and specifically.
– specify the subject and object of the study, not the results
– avoid acronyms and jargon
– do not include the verb
– exclude the use of expressions such as “Some notes on …”, “Research on …”, “Study …”, “On the issue on …”, “Analysis …”, “Problems…”, “Questions…”
– exclude the use of the words: “Innovative …”, “Modern …”, “Actual …”, “New …”, “The most profitable ….” and so on.
– follow the style preferences of the target journal