How to write the References section

The literature review is part of the first section of the Introduction.

A literature review is a critical analysis of scientific publications, the purpose of which is:
– confirm the lack of literary sources to solve the problem
– indicate the predecessors on whose research the study is based.
– justify the need for ongoing study.

From the literature review follows the formulation of the relevance of the study.

References should include at least 15 scientific publications available to a wide range of English-speaking readers.
References should include:

1) English-language scientific publications included in the Scopus or Web of Science databases, it is mandatory to indicate DOI for them.
2) English-language scientific publications in open access with a direct link to the publication.
3) Interstate or regulatory English documents used in many states.
4) Russian-language papers are included in References only if they have DOI.

– educational literature (textbooks, teaching aids, technical instructions, etc.)
– journalistic and advertising articles.
– links to Russian-language Internet resources
– Russian SNiPs, GOSTs, etc. (they can be referenced directly in the text of the paper, for example: “according to Russian State Standard SNiP …”)

Attention! Do not overdo self-citation. This automatically sets all reviewers against you. And if you want to raise your h-index, then it would be wiser to ask colleagues from other universities to cite your papers. The maximum % of self-citation is 25%.

You can complete the References section by contacting the ScienceDirect website. On the ScienceDirect website, enter your keywords in the Key words box, and you will receive the latest publications on your research topic.

References in the References section should be arranged in the order in which they are mentioned in the text (for example, “as discussed by Smith [1]”; “as suggested in the works of Ivanov and Petrov [2-4]”).

All references should be indicated in the text; otherwise the references will be automatically deleted.
Cited papers must be no older than 15 years! (excluding history and archeology)
Note! If you are borrowing images from the Internet, you must indicate the source of borrowing in the caption. For example,

Fig. 1. Model of Earth, Source: