Dear Colleagues!

You can apply for becoming an organizer of an international scientific conference on the basis of your university (or any other scientific organization) with further publication of conference proceedings in a journal indexed in SCOPUS/Web of Science
Only conference papers are acceptable.
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The services include:
—  development of an English-language website of your conference
—  agreement with a journal indexed in SCOPUS/Web of Science
—  call for papers and their review
—  translation of papers into English by experienced translators
—  formatting of papers according to a template of a particular journal
—  communication with the authors for signing the License Agreements at the request of a journal
—  compiling a complete set of editorial accompanying proceedings
—  financial payments to a journal.

The cost of 1 publication is 120 euros in ruble terms.

Please note that we organize only the process of publishing conference proceedings, not the event itself.

The process of publishing conference proceedings in a SCOPUS journal takes 4-5 months from the moment we receive a full set of papers from you.

Payment will be made according to the agreement with your University under the following conditions: 30% of the sum is the advance payment and 70% is payment of the balance of amount after your papers are published.