About publication of conference papers

For authors:

Participation in international scientific conferences is provided for either individual authors or writing teams.

Requirements for papers are listed in section For Authors; you can also download a file containing those requirements in section Standard requirements to papers.

To submit a paper, an author should sign up on https://easychair.org, and follow the instructions in section How to upload a paper.

After the paper is uploaded, the author is contacted with technical and science reviewers and, if needed, with an English translator. Authors are able to adjust, supplement and reload their papers as many times as needed.


All papers pass scientific and technical review.
Within the framework of technical review all papers are thoroughly checked for the following attributes:
1) for compliance with the subject of the conference.
2) for plagiarism. Acceptable minimum of originality is 90%.
3) for acceptable English language. All papers are reviewed by a native speaker.
4) At the same time papers are checked by a technical proofreader (quality of images, absence of Cyrillic, etc.).
Hereafter the scientific review is pursued.
Scientific review of each paper is made by at least 3 reviewers. If the opinions of the reviewers are radically different, additional reviewers are appointed. We do not use «Potential Reviewers» recommended by authors. Authors have a right to answer the remarks of reviewers and submit revised versions of their papers.
Live participation in the conference is an indispensable condition for the publication of the paper. An exception is provided only for the case of «poster-presentation».

The paper review process usually lasts for 3-5 weeks.

After the review is completed, the author will receive an agreement that complies with the form of a journal and payment details. If payment (includes both the cost of publication and the registration fee of a conference participant) is fulfilled by university or any other institution/organization, the authors need to download and fill in the relevant agreement in section Standard-form agreement and submit it when making payment.

The number of authors for one paper is not limited, yet the maximum number of affiliations in one paper is 3 for precluding the excessive use.

For universities

Scope of the Agreement.
In order to organize the publication of scientific papers in a foreign journal indexed in Scopus bibliographic database (hereinafter referred to as the Conference Journal), based on the proceedings of the “-2020” international scientific conference held by the Customer, the Contractor undertakes to perform the following legal actions on its own behalf and at the expense of the Customer:

1.1.1. Negotiate with Publishers and ensure interaction with the potential Conference Journal, including the signing of the necessary agreements and the final financial settlements.
1.1.2. Familiarize all those involved in the publication process: the customer, authors, reviewers with the publication ethics and features of the publication policy of the Conference Journal.
1.1.3. Organize the process of reviewing papers of the “-2020” conference using the platform https://easychair.org/ and with the participation of all members of the scientific committee of the “-2020” conference on the principle of double-blind review.
1.1.4. Provide the Customer with written reports of reviewers on all papers submitted for participation in the “-2020” conference.
1.1.5. Organize the proofreading and preparation of the papers of the “-2020” conference for publication in the Conference Journal.
1.1.6. Prepare a complete set of materials and documents necessary for the publication of papers of the “-2020” conference in the form established by the Conference Journal.
1.1.7. Perform other actions necessary for the execution of the assignment under this Agreement.
1.2. The Customer gives the Contractor consent to posting information about the scientific conference “…. 2020” on the Contractor’s information resource (website https://www.universitetam.ru/).

Agreement on the provision of services for organizing the process of publishing scientific papers of the conference
Agency Agreement to organize the publication of scientific papers